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Coding and Robotics

We are very proud of our developing coding and robotics programs at Kanwal Public School. With the generous support of our community, we are able provide students and teachers with access to a range of coding and robotics resources that engage students in future-focused learning.

Students using laptops to do coding tutorials

Exciting News!

The Kanwal P&C has recently approved the purchase of new robotics devices in preparation for training and implementation for the new Science curriculum in 2019. We are very thankful and excited to see these devices as they arrive in the school and are put to good use by our students.

Students happily showing off the new Dash robots

Our Robots


Kindly donated by our P&C, Bee-bot robots are great for students starting their journey into the world of coding and robotics.

12 Bee-Bot robots

Students using Bee-Bot robots

Students using Bee-Bot robots


Our team of Dash robots has expanded, with the help of our generous P&C. Dash is a robot with a wide range of coding and robotics applications for students K - 6 and beyond.


In 2017, we added a group of mBot robots to our collection. These robots provide our more advanced coders an opportunity to expand upon and apply their knowledge and skill set.


Our Ozobot robots were kindly donated by Kanwal IGA. These robots provide students with an opportunity to explore and apply coding in a very practical way. The robots 'read' and the follow colour coded command sequences designed by students.


Our first Sphero was purchased at the end of 2017. We were so impressed at the versatility and range of applications in an education setting that we approached the P&C for funding to expand upon our collection. Our new set of P&C funded Sphero devices have just arrived in the school and students are looking forward to using them to apply their coding skills.

Sphero coding kit unpacked from box