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Cultural Education

At Kanwal Public School we are very proud of our cultural education programs that are integrated into our teaching and learning programs and school culture.

Mr Justin McPhan is our Aboriginal Education Team Leader who works side by side with Terry Hayek who our school's Aboriginal Education Support Officer. In addition to our motivated teachers supporting programs and engaging students, we invite parents to participate in and support our programs. Please contact the school to find out more about the ways in which you may like to be involved.


Aboriginal School Learning and Support Officer

Terry’s role this year will consist of him working side by side with staff, Aboriginal Students and their families to meet their cultural, social and academic goals set out in all Aboriginal students PLP’s. He will also be co-running Didge Group and Bro Speak with identified staff.


Aboriginal Learning and Support Teacher

As of Term 2 Week 6, Classroom Teacher Monique Prest will be working with all Aboriginal Students throughout the year. This program is being funded through the Aboriginal Equity funding provided to the school. She will be in classrooms working along side classroom teachers to help bump our Aboriginal students outcomes up to reach the Premiers Priority targets. 


Aboriginal Dance

Once again, we have Jonathan Wright from Dhinewan Mentoring who will be teaching our Stage 2 and Stage 3 Aboriginal students dance. This has already started and the students have a great connection with Jonathan and are very excited about the year ahead. Due to high participation rates, having additional Non-Indigenous students join may not be possible. The program is currently open to all Aboriginal students.


Bro Speak & Sista Speak

Lauren Ingram, Justin McPhan and Terry Hayak will be running through the Bro and Sista Speak Programs with our Year 6 Aboriginal students which will start in Term 2. Throughout the program the students will learn how to be strong in their Aboriginal identity, know about their culture and to get the students to believe in themselves and have the confidence to reach their goals. Through the program the students will be creating their own high expectations for themselves and learn how to be mentors and leaders to younger Aboriginal boys in their school and community. 


Koori Choir

Chloe Coates and Lauren Ingram will be taking Koori Choir this year and has already started getting interested Aboriginal Students engaged in the year ahead. This has been a great success at our school and also within our Local AECG and we are excited to get this up and running as soon as possible.


Didge Group

Didge Group at Kanwal Public School this year will be run by Terry Hayak and Justin McPhan. This will be up and running again this year with the hope to have other local school join in on the program (the same as last year). Once the cloud of COVID clears, we are hopeful that we can reconnect with the didge groups at Tacoma and Tuggerawong PSs. 


Aboriginal Garden

Our Aboriginal Garden is half way through completion with the organisation and hard work from Terry Hayak along with Bunnings Warehouse who have supplied a lot of resources so that the garden can be completed before NAIDOC 2022.


Kanwal’s Koori Newsletter

There will be a Koori Newsletter that will be handed out to all Aboriginal families at the end of each term. This termly newsletter will showcase all cultural activities and students work throughout the school.